Spinning and Weaving sources

Griffin Dyeworks www.griffindyeworks.com 

Village Spinning and Weaving  http://villagespinweave.com/

Lion Brand Yarn company http://www.lionbrand.com/

Martha's  Spinner's, Knitter's, and Weaver's Housecleaning Pages http://www.kbbspin.org/

Handmade Wood Spinning/Tatting tools http://www.davidreedsmith.com/

Kate Painter and Paradise Fibers http://www.paradisefibers.net/

The Black Sheep http://www.theblacksheep.biz/

The Black Sheep is a wonderful boutique with a huge inventory of hand-woven and hand-dyed yarns. The store is a feast of color and texture and a must see if you're ever in Southern California. They also carry unusual buttons, beads, and looms in a variety of sizes. Prices range from $5 a skein for chenille to $100+ for specialty yarns with metallic threads woven in. I visit them rarely, but all of the yarn I bring home ends up in a variety of projects: from scarves for family and friends to faerie doll hair or weavings...No scrap is ever wasted.

Hebies Needlecraft in Montclair on Arrow Hwy (just East of Central at 5436 Arrow Hwy 909-985-3778).

Although they are rather small, they have some exceptional yarns at times. Also wonderful floss for needlework and a small selection of beads. I found a great book on tassel making there, now if I could just figure out how to make a tassel with a beaded head, wouldn't that just make a lovely favor? And next door is a wonderful, wonderful quilt shop (The Fabric Patch). Lots of beautiful cottons here. None too cheap mind you. they had quite a nice selection of imported Japanese prints that would make a beautiful Kimono. Anyways it's always worth poking your head in there to take a peek at the quilts on display.

Favorite SCA-Medieval Merchants and Fabric Shopping areas

Garb the World http://www.garbtheworld.com/ SCA re-enactment costumes

Sock Dreams http://www.sockdreams.com/ when you don't have time to knit your own socks!

The Renaissance Store /  Chivalry Sports 7718 E. Wrightstown Rd, Tucson, AZ 85715 (520) 722-1255 
Go to Chivalry Sports Renaissance Store 

Raymond's Quiet Press - Reproductions of actual metal fittings a jewelry from Saxon, Viking, Celtic, Sutton Hoo finds. Great for belts, cloak clasps.  http://www.nmia.com/~rqpltd/

Boots by Bohemond - http://www.nmia.com/~bohemond/

Drachenstein Treasures - crowns, jewelry, awards, belts, custom work in bronze and silver

Ingasbo - your friendly Norse trader - circlets, burkas

The Leather Factory  1374-A Maine Ave., Baldwin Park, CA 91706  626 813-1570

Downtown Los Angeles in the Garment District
Bordered by 8th, 9th, Maple and Wall streets


All these addresses are in Los Angeles, CA, 90015

Some of these stores are closed Saturday, some are closed Sunday. Call ahead if you want to go to a particular store.

  • Robert Textile -510 E 9th St, (213) 622-555  Linens, Twill wool

  • This is by far the best place for re-enactement treasures. Although this small store looks like many of the other ones with rolls of fabric piled aimlessly, it is run by a true Old World gentleman, Robert. He has amazing Wool twills, linens and cottons, all very good for historical SCA period re-enactment. Please ask him what you are looking for, and it is likely he will find it. AND for a great price!

  • Kashcool -416 E 9th St, (213) 489-3010 silks, jacquards

  • Bob Tex 305 E. 9th St. #116, (213) 622-3370 silks, drapery, upholstery fabrics

  • L.A. Fred's Fabric Inc., 411 E. 9th St., Silks, Drapery, Upholstery

  • Beads & Trims, 321 E. 8th St. - carved bone beads of skulls, inexpensive beading supplies, trim,

  • Los Angeles Fabric Center, 916 S. Wall St. - upholstery jacquards, great textures

  • Moon Fabrics, 846 Wall St,  (213) 614-1955, Wools, twill wool

  • Agape International Trading 950 S. Maple Ave, Unit 1/f/106, . embroidered patches, Byzantine rounds

  • Michael Levines - 919 Maple Ave,  - (213) 622-6259 Fabrics

  • Bohemian Crystal - 812 Maple Ave,  (213) 627-9553, Beads, buttons

The Norwalk/Artesia Sari District in Artesia (California, 90701) - Pioneer Blvd, between 91 and 22 Freeways  (Southeast of downtown Los Angeles).

This is "Little India", and there are many sari stores and Indian clothing shops. Be prepared to bargain, since most items are not marked, and prices are flexible. An Indian sari is a width of fabric, usually 6 to 8 yards long, silk and beautifully embroidered. A sari can be fashioned into a Renaissance Italian dress or other Medieval garments.

It can be intimidating to go into these stores, because we costumers are not the typical customers for Indian sari fashions! The shopkeepers are much more attentive than in a fabric store; they will follow you around asking to help! Tell them you are a costumer, this seems to give them relief from having to try to tell you how to wear a sari! It is good to have specifics of what you want ready, they are glad to help you find what you want, even though they think you are crazy for cutting up a beautiful sari! Bring swatches of fabrics to match, know what colors or styles you want. Sari's can cost from $20 for the simplest to $900 for the most elegant and beaded. A sari is about 6 yards long, so compute the per/yard cost in your head when they tell you the sari price. These shops also have smaller items like shawls, veils and fabrics, ask them for what you are looking for. There will also be shoes and jewelry. They will also have many modern fabrics that would not be acceptable for SCA use, like sequins or glitzy metallics. So look carefully!

Shopkeepers will barter with you, be ready to say "What can you do for me on this piece?" It is a game they like to play, so have fun with it. Then when you leave the store, dont just walk out. Thank them directly for their time, and help improve our rep with them. We want the Indian shopkeepers to be delighted when they see us non-Indians walk in the store!

Sari Niketan, 18423 Pioneer

Laxmi Sari Palace, 18605 Pioneer

Sona Chaandi, 18307 Pioneer

Miss India Fashion, 18375 Pioneer

New Sona Jewellers Corp, 18417 Pioneer

Neema Sari Palace, 18429 Pioneer

Loveleen Sari Palace, 18507 Pioneer, very nice people!

Cottage Art, 18619 Pioneer, has tribal bellydancing skirts, blouses, jewelry, pillows, bedspreads, furniture

Then when you are all worn out, go to Saffron Spot, 18744 Pioneer, for a Rose Ice Cream and other yummy treats! www.saffronspot.com