Baroness Bridget Lucia MacKenzie

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Device: Per bend Purpure and Or, a cross of St. Brigid and a castle counterchanged. Altavia Yule 2006 

   With Baron Laertes, Romano-Celt garb  Italian Renn  Byzantine garb

Society Resume:

2008 - Court Baroness
2007 - Signum Regni {Edric &Faizeh} 
2006 - Augmentation of Arms, the Caidan Cross is displayed as a flag flying from the turret of the Castle
2006 - Caidus Lux for Fiber Arts
2005 - Mistress of the Order of the Pelican
2005 - Baroness of Altavia
2004 - Relinquished 3-year office of Minister of Youth Combat, aka "Bofficer" for the Kingdom of CAID.
2004 - Servant Majordomo for CAID 12th Night as Castillo Solaz is primary cooking and service household
2003 - Inducted as a brother into the Corvus Warband at GWW VII
2003 - Harp Argent (weaving)
2003 - Legion of Courtesy
2002 - Order of the Crescent for service , at King's Hunt, (for running the Boffer/Youth Combat program)
1999 - Dolphin for service (for running the Boffer/Youth Combat program)
1999 - Arms are passed
1999 - Aud Aliquid Signum ring, from Prince Thomas of the Principality of Cynagua.
1999 - Award of Arms

Received the Legion of Honor from Queen Una at Spring Crown 2003

Bridget with Countess Amina,

Swearing fealty to King Edric and Queen Catalina as the Minister of Youth Combat, the Bofficer of Caid. Bridget worked with the young fighters of the kingdom for 5 years, helping Lord Kuma to establish the new Boffers/Youth Combat program..

Carrying the King's Banner to Pennsic30 Opening Court.
Bridget served as Lady-in-Waiting to King Alaric and Queen Kissa, 2001

At Pennsic30, Bridget was the only Caidan to fight in the Womens-Only Tournament. Here, she meets her idol, Duchess Elina of Beckenham, author of The Armored Rose. The Armored Rose is about Women Fighters in the SCA, and deals with the psychology and physiology of women fighters.

Lord Kuma honors Bridget by carrying her favor in Spring Crown Tourney 2001

Authorized to fight Heavy Weapons also at September Potrero War 1999

The Chief Lady-in-Waiting Twins to the Court of the Barony of the Angels, Bridget and Mouren.

Lady-in-Waiting to the Royal Court of Queen Battista

Sergeant Bridget of the Queen Seanachie's Guard

Heavy Weapons Marshal in Training


His Highness, Prince Thomas Logan, honors four Caidans with the "Aud Aliquid Signum" ring, for those who made him especially welcome as he visited us far from his home, the Principality of Cynagua. The motto means 'Dare Something Worthy' - or by extension 'dare to do something worthy'. Receiving the honor here are Donna Arabella di Siena, Don Laertes Blackavar McBride, Lady Cristeane Regan MacNab, and Bridget Lucia MacKenzie at the Isles Anniversary Tourney 1999.

Bridget at Angels Yule 1999

(left to right) Lady Tetchubah of Greenlake, Bridget Lucia MacKenzie, Comptesse Albra Katerine at Spring Crown 1998. Bridget was the Comptesse's retainer for one year. Bridget makes all her own garb including this gold silk dupioni cotehardie. Compare this photo to the same lovely ladies in 2006

Bridget REALLY liked the glave!   Bridget's  walking wheel, 150+ years old from Tennessee, works great!