Altavian Equestrian Practice, March 2007

The Barony of Altavia Equestrians

Cynthia and Tucker

Doňa Arabella and Zia

Mayken and Ben

Virginia and Sunny

Our weapons cache!

Buzzer, horse-dog!

Getting horses groomed and saddled before heading to the corral

Stacy and Storm

Lady Ariadne astride Tucker

Baron Arran Darkhelme opens the gate for Lady Ariadne and Tucker

Dona Arabella astride

Doňa Arabella astride Zia

Baron Arran opens the gate for Doňa Arabella

Baron Arran Darkhelme is ground crew

The Mighty Altavian Equestrians!

They make us all very proud!

Altavian Equestrians

Gverig and Cochise