Crown Tourney Fall 2008

Mistress Therese with the Viking bag she made

Viking bag: handspun, naturally dyed, heddle and inkle woven, hand embroidery assembly

A good Viking demonstrates the Viking bag

Iseabail and Bridget

Bridget and Laertes' chairs

Lady Chalice, Altavian Chief Lady, guards the Baronial Thrones

Lady Kathryn and Baroness Courtney

Lord Lorccan

Viscountess Lorissa with Queen Mora and King Edward

Lorissa is acknowledged by Master Bruce

King Edward

Caidan Banners

She won the raffled bag, handspun, woven and assembled by Therese, Caid Cross handspun, dyed and embroidered by Bridget

Closeup of Caidan Cross on Viking bag

Roses embroidered by Sir Kolfinna