Queen Carol’s Guide to the Current Middle Ages

We have for sale newly-printed copies of “Queen Carol’s Guide to the Current Middle Ages”. This is the Special Revised 42nd Year Anniversary Edition!

This 16-page booklet is a primer of courtesies and histories of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism. It was originally published, and has now been republished, by Duchess Carol of Bellatrix, who was Queen Carol of the Kingdom of the West in Anno Societatis IV (1972). We offer this booklet to you with her blessing and approval.


Printed on fine linen stock, the Guide gives basic overview of Heraldry, History, Courtesy, Honor, Chivalry, Ranks, and Garb (Costuming) within the Society for Creative Anachronism. This is an EXCELLENT book for Newcomers to the Society and Veterans alike.

 The cost of the book is $1.50, and $2 per book shipping (each additional book in same envelope $1). This is basically just to cover the printing and shipping costs, we are not making money here! We just want to share this book with the Known World! Further information on the SCA can be found here www.sca.org.


You can waive the shipping costs by arranging for pick-up locally from us in Southern California. We also attend events in the Kingdom of Caid, so contact us to know Where and When! Contact Us